Saint Bernards

The Genial Giants of the Swiss Alps



Brown and White With A Hint Of Black Male

Rough Coat

Ivan is a large block head St. Bernard. He is imported from poland. He comes from Moloss Soul Kennel in Poland. He is my love this boy is so sweet and gentle. He is very laid back. He loves his daddy very much and doesn’t get to far from him lol. We feel very lucky to have him.

Chopper In The Sky


Tan and White Male

smooth Coat

Chooper is a large block head St. Bernard. He is the biggest baby and loves to sit right with you. His dad is a import from poland 

Last In Last Out


Brown and White Female

“Lilo” is a beautiful St. Bernard who is very playful. She is very sweet and has a great personality.

Bernadette of Ivy Fields


Brown and White Female

Bernadette is a large beautiful St. Bernard. She has great manners and loves to be the family couch potato.